Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

December 17 | 10AM
The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that helps in connecting and being rooted in life as it flows by. It involves getting our minds back to the present and paying attention to the life that is unfolding right now within us and around us.

How Will It Help?

Most of our emotional difficulties and our dissatisfactions arise from our own mind- a mind that attaches itself either to a past that has gone by or to an unknown future and does not permit us to experience the present, to LIVE. Learning mindfulness practices and incorporating them into your life will help you to discover how to live in the present in a more enjoyable way.

What will these sessions involve?

The group sessions will provide insight into the nature of dissatisfaction, emotional distress and pain and thereby create more awareness in dealing with it.

They will involve the teaching of simple mindfulness practices which you can make a part of your everyday routines, which will help you to start living your life with more ease and joy.

Mindfulness meditation will be the prime focus of the workshop.

Look forward to:

• A purely experiential program.

• Starting a simple meditation practice.

• Learning about the neuroscientific aspects of mindfulness.

• Understanding the nature of the mind.

• Learning how to work with thoughts and emotions.

Main Concepts:

• Understanding the concepts of mindfulness and meditation

• Discovering the science behind meditation

• Learning to meditate

• Meditating on the breath

Trainer profile

Sadia Saeed Raval is the Founder and Chief Psychologist of Inner Space - a counseling and psychotherapy center located in Mumbai, India. Over the past 15 years, she has worked as a psychologist extensively with different populations. She has had a sustained private practice right through, which has eventually taken the form of 'inner space'. In her practice, she presently works therapeutically with individuals as well as couples in one to one sessions.

She is a TEDx speaker and has given a talk on 'Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions'. She has started 'Mindful Spring' as a platform aimed at helping individuals to deepen their sense of presence in life through mindful practices. The programs are a blend of her understanding of psychology and human behaviour, thinking and emotion with the concepts of mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy and are backed by solid neuroscience research. In specialized workshops for individuals and organizations, she customizes mindfulness to address parenting issues, couple-related difficulties, and for individuals looking for self-enhancement and personal growth and development.


The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai

5AA, Pali Hill Road, Next to Candies, Bandra West, Mumbai, India 400050

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!