Kanan Gill’s newest and greatest comedy special
Re-streaming from July 27 to Aug 2
This ticket gives you access to watch my special which it is streaming from July 27 to August 2. It will be streaming here on You can watch it in the app, or on your browser and then chromecast it to your TV or the living rooms of your enemies. Do watch it, I think this is very good and my best special by far.

The show is two hours long.

The video will only be available here for these 7 days. After that it’ll be gone. I mean, I’ll have it, but it won’t be here.

This show is for everyone from everywhere who enjoys laughter, hates phonies and is also a phony.
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What is the show about?


What is the show about? Tl;dr :Is this it?
is a stand up comedy show. It’s my third special and it’s very  funny. It is two hours long and there is an interval in the middle.

Thematically, the show revolves around the stray thought that strikes you in  the middle of the night, whether ‘this’ is truly ‘it’? Is this really your life? This?  This is the whole thing? There are so many ways we try to cope with life, and  they are all very fun to talk about, but how did we get in this situation? Why  are we managing existence instead of living life? When is my adult colouring  book being delivered? Why do I work so much? The show travels a wide  expanse and considers everything that promised happiness and turns out to  be ultimately unsatisfying. Is something supposed to happen to really begin  life or do we find ourselves in the middle of it, unmoored and without  harbour?
But don’t worry. I have the answers, that’s really what the show is  about. I mean, I have an answer. You might not like it. Or you might love it, I  don’t know you. But it’s worth watching and deciding for yourself.
Either way it’s very funny and there’s no homework.

What is the validity of the pass?


You can stream my special as many times as you want from July 27 to August 2. Call your friends and have a watch party at home. Or make everyone watch it on their own devices but together in a room. It is your choice.

So is this like a live stream or what?


It’s a show I shot in Delhi in February, edited and colour corrected and  beautiful and cinematic. It is this two hour video that will be streamed. The performance is not alive, but you are and isn’t that enough?

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