Japanese Conversational Course

February 10 - March 31 | 11AM - 1PM (Every Sunday)
The Circular Square


This is a 16 hours course that will get you started on speaking and building your own small conversations in Japanese. People with basic Japanese knowledge can enroll. Knowledge of reading/writing Japanese is not mandatory. Minimum age to join the course: 13 years and above

Course Timing - 11AM - 1PM on Sundays

The course is structured as:

16 hours of conversations:

  • Learn small conversations in Japanese covering topics such as Travel and outing, Simple Japanese culture, Shopping & Restaurant visits, Asking directions, Special Occasions (birthday's, marriage) **

  • Participants will be encouraged to prepare and present monologue & small role plays in each class.

  • Introduction to Japanese business ethics and culture.

  • ** Participants will be provided study material in Romaji (English) & Japanese (for participants who can read Japanese or are JLPT N5 certified)


    The Circular Square

    24, Doddakalansandra Gubbalala gate, next to Lakshmi Vilas bank, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

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