Jazz India Circuit 2019, Gurgaon

December 6 | 6PM
One Horizon Center
699 (Early Bird)


The Jazz India Circuit is your one-stop destination to hear the newest and most diverse acts in contemporary jazz. Just as it has done for so many years, the Jazz India Circuit brings the best of modern jazz to Goa and Gurgaon. Experimental, up-tempo, funky and daring, jazz has always been at the cutting edge of what’s possible, and this year is no different. With a definite aim to push the boundaries of what typically constitutes the sound of the genre, the Jazz India Circuit 2019 brings international and local artistes from across the jazz spectrum for a celebration of the genre like no other.

This year, while our cornucopia of musical acts take centre stage, the Jazz India Circuit will also offer a host of other exciting experiences to create an unbelievable carnival-like atmosphere.

With music workshops, interactive experiential spaces, a bustling flea market, a vibrant food court with flavours from all over the globe, a feast of art and craft activities and a whole lot more, Jazz India Circuit 2019 is set to be an incredible celebration of life, music and freedom.

Over the last two years, the Jazz India Circuit has featured the likes of Stanley Jordan, Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer|NERVE, Jamison Ross, House of Waters and 30+ riff-tearing, chops-flaring, brilliant musicians from around the country and the world.

We offer a highly curated experience for our limited-capacity crowd; so you can enjoy the swing while doing your thing!

Artist Lineup

Adil Manuel Collective

Adil Manuel is a seasoned composer, guitarist and music curator who has worked with the likes of Shubha Mudgal, Indian Ocean, Clinton Cerejo, Louiz Banks and Loy Mendosa to name but a few. A stalwart of the Indian jazz circuit, Adil has also conceptualised and curated jazz music festivals across the country and has even appeared as a speaker on the TEDx stage. The Adil Manuel Collective performs across a wide variety of genres including jazz, funk, soul, blues and Bollywood.

Simon Thacker

Described as “one of the most important musicians of his generation” (ThreeWeeks), Simon Thacker is a Scottish composer, classical guitarist, improviser and ensemble leader whose ever-expanding musical world draws on a deep immersion in diverse cultures. Having led some of today’s most prescient intercultural ensembles, Simon brings his pioneering experiences to the art of solo guitar in Pashyanti [Sanskrit: the junction point between the ordinary waking state and pure consciousness]. Simon’s highly individual, iconoclastic music explores every facet of the instrument, ranging from beguiling digital delay driven soundscapes, muscular improvisations utilising his many inspirations to reimaginings of Tagore. His instinctive rhythmic gift is as ferocious as it is layered and gives his music an unmistakable intensity. Pashyanti, is the latest stage in this journey and will mark Simon’s debut solo tour of India.

The Shuffle Demons

The Shuffle Demons first broke onto the Canadian music scene with an electrifying musical fusion that drew in equal measure from Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. This band was genre bending, highly visually entertaining, funny and, best of all, could really PLAY. All their eye-catching, crowd-pleasing stunts were backed up by incredibly solid musicianship and real ground-breaking playing. Over the course of their illustrious career The Shuffle Demons have released eight CDs, two hit videos, won several music awards, done numerous tv and radio appearances and toured nationally and internationally including 25 cross-Canada tours, 5 US tours, 17 European tours, as well as tours of the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, playing on big festival stages, theatres and clubs. The Shuffle Demons play a mix of funk jazz, hard bop jazz and jazz rap, wear spectacular hand painted suits and love to parade through the audience.

The band continues the tradition today with a great line-up of players that includes Juno Award winner Richard Underhill on alto sax and vocals, Matt Lagan and Liam Mitro on tenor saxes and vocals, Scott Hunter on bass and vocals, and Stich Wynston on drums and vocals.


One Horizon Center

Harizan Colony, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122022

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