Jellyfish Water Sports

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Welcome to the fun and excitement of water sports at Jellyfish! Spread over a vast expanse on the Chaliyaar river, Jellyfish offers the best of adventure with a breathtaking view of Calicut’s coastline. We have on board a variety of exhilarating water sports and adventure activities, for the real dare devils to the first-timers. Each activity at Jellyfish can be enjoyed by adventure enthusiasts of all abilities and ages. For the professional sportsperson, it’s the perfect environment to sharpen your skills. For the uninitiated, a space to leave your fears behind - and wade into the experience of a lifetime! The river has always been mankind’s escape from the everyday, a world that seems at once adventurous and calming. Whether floating, paddling or sailing across, being one with the water can have an amazing effect on the mind, body and soul. We are a fun, sporty bunch of like-minded people with an enduring passion for water sports. We started Jellyfish to encourage everyone to live the excitement of water sports, with an emphasis on care and safety. You, like us, will discover that the Chaliyaar is a river worth exploring, one paddle at a time.