Jhansi Fort, Jhansi

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Rani Jhansi Fort
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Built on top of the Bangira Hill, the Rani Jhansi fort was constructed on orders from the Bundela Rajput chief - Vir Sing Deo. The fort was later given as a part of a gift to Peshwa Bajirao & was handed down until Rani Lakshmibai's husband ruled it. Along with a mammoth strengthening wall surrounded by a moat on both sides, the fort was impregnable. Enjoy the classic North Indian style of fort construction as you explore this architectural marvel.

Things to see

  • The 10 gates giving access to the fort. Some of these are Khanderao Gate, Datia Darwaza, Unnao Gate etc.
  • The different temples inside the fort, such as the Shiva temple and the Ganesh temple at the entrance.
  • The Kadak Bijli cannon, a canon used in the uprising of 1857.
  • The Rani Mahal, currently an archaeological museum which was built later half in the 19th century.

How to get there?

  • The Jhansi Railway station is the nearest railway station about 3 km away from the fort.
  • The nearest airport is Gwalior airport, which is 103 km from Jhansi.
  • The Jhansi Fort Terminal Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to the Rani Jhansi Fort.


Rani Jhansi Fort

Jhansi Fort, Jhansi, Jhokan Bagh, Jhansi, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, 284002


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