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Join over 40,000 families in India in giving your child a unique opportunity to build real world skills through an online program designed by Ivy League and IIM Alumni. In just 10 days, JuniorMBA students learn from our expert faculty in live online sessions how to spot a market opportunity, build a business plan, to develop an ad campaign and to solve business challenges using technology!

Course fees are temporarily discounted due to Covid-19 related closures,


  1. Earn an Ivy League Faculty Certification!
  2. Get access to expert trainers online who help you learn key concepts of an MBA using case studies of large corporates and startups like Flipkart, Amazon, Cadbury, Apple, Google, etc.
  3. Launch their own ad campaign, develop their business idea or make own app prototype!
  4. Build immense commercial acumen and confidence in your problem-solving ability!
  5. Discover a career interest as they approach a pivotal point in their life!

All of this from the comfort and safety of your own home - a truly innovative way to beat the lockdown blues!


Discover the 3 courses of the JuniorMBA

JuniorCEO for entrepreneurship skills where students learn to pitch business ideas to investors.
JuniorCTO where students learn to develop tech based solutions to business challenges.
JuniorCMO where students learn how to build and launch their own ad campaigns.

Course Timings

Courses are 1 hour per day x 2 weeks long with fresh batches for all 3 courses starting every Monday.
Batches of your choice are available from morning 10:30AM to evening 6:30PM.
Each batch is limited to 10 students max!

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