Kaju Chicken & Mutton Rosht Special

Kaju Chicken & Mutton Rosht Special

October 7 & 8 | 12:30PM
Colaba, Mumbai
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Indulge in an authentic Bohri meal at The Bohri Kitchen, a community meal venture started by Nafisa Kapadia and her son. Home-cooked meals in an intimate setting with just you and your friends, sounds like a plan, doesn't it? And maybe, just maybe, you can get some recipes from Nafisa aunty, as she cooks up a delicious storm in her kitchen.

The Spread

Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas - Crunchy Patti Samosas stuffed with Smoked Minced Kheema, Coriander and Spring Onions.
BFC (Bohri Fried Chicken) - a Behemoth effort where we marinate, fry and serve the entire bird as one dish. We call it the Bohri Turkey.
Mithas- Rose Phirni

Serious Food
Raan in Kaju Masala- This one makes a rare appearance every once in a while. Rumored to be even more fantastic than the Original Red Masala Raan!
Chicken Angara - Succulent thick red gravy with chunks of chicken with a distinct smokey flavor.
Surprise Sweet Dish
Mutton Khaloli with Magh Pulao - A trademark Bohri Gravy consisting of Minced Lamb Meatballs served with Magh Pulao

Saancha Ice Cream

Surprise Welcome Drink
Rose Sharbat with Sabja Seeds
Jal Jeera Soda

Khajur & Dryfruit Chutney
Pineapple & Boondi Raita
Green Chutney & Limbu
Aamba Pickle
No Serial Killer Polic

No Serial Killer Policy™

Unfortunately since we host people at our residence, we are sticklers about who we invite. It helps a lot if we have mutual friends or if you are the prime minister of a country.


Bohris normally eat their food on a big plate (called a thaal), seated on the floor. But realizing that non bohris are not always comfortable doing that -- we do a scam thaal
Where guests sit on chairs / our sofa and can use our state-of-the-art shiny cutlery.. but we still serve the food on a thaal placed on a table.
We do not have a lift - you have to climb 2 flights of beautiful wooden stairs!
The contribution is 50% for children under 12
We as of yet, do not have air conditioning (working on it). But we have two fake dell air-coolers


Colaba, Mumbai

Colaba Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!