Kalam by Anshuman Bagaria

May 27 | 4PM
Mysore Association Auditorium
200 - 400


The play revolves around the story of a fighter, a teacher, a motivator, successful president and politician, and lastly of a ‘winner’, a winner of hearts of people from all around the world.  The story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Even though the great man he was he had some regrets in his life which he would never forget. Regrets regarding his family, his personal life , his friends, his studies, his career etc. The play shows how he carries those regrets with him till the time of his death and how he deals with them even after being the most loved president of India. The play shows us the untold life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and how he became the great man.


Directed by: Anshuman Bagaria
Written by: Kumar Chheda

Kumar Chheda
Mihir Patel
Roheb Akthar
Rishabh Joshi
Yash Barot
Preeta Pandya
Aakansha Rathod
Apeksha Shetty
Bushra Satare
Dharmesh Moleshri
Gahna Verma
Mayank Sood
Tejas Saple
Prachi Mehta



Mysore Association Auditorium

Bhaudaji Rd, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

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