Kautuk Srivastava

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Boy-next-door Kautuk Srivastava loves doing it all (all to score some cool points, so he can be a part of the ‘in’ crowd). The Mumbai-based writer and comedian has written for and performed on several shows (look ma, I’m on TV!), including MyCam, Drive with MTV, Reality Stars, MTV Rock the Vote and most recently, The List with Varun Thakur. As a comedian, he has worked with Vir Das at Weirdass Comedy and has performed at major venues across Mumbai. He is currently a member of SnG Comedy, a popular comedy collective that has amassed 470000 subscribers and 61 million views online with their cutting-edge content and sarcasm. Their content consists of sketches, stand-up, and a candid interview/chat series The Big Question that has featured several popular guests. In 2017, Kautuk toured with his second special show, Anatomy Of Awkward. Presently, Kautuk is travelling all over the country for his Red Card Tour.

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