Khana and Batiyana

July 16 | 8PM
Chuim Village, Mumbai
1200 - 1400
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Monsoon rains, good food and conversations…sounds like the perfect weekend to us. The much-awaited Bihari Meal "Khana and Batiyana" is here again, a sitdown dinner to tease and satiate your taste buds.


1. Litti

Litti is a traditional Bihari dish made out of spicy and tangy Sattu Masala (Roasted gramflour) stuffed in whole-wheat dough.

Served with:

a) Baigan Tamatar Chokha

b) Ol Chutney

c) Ghee

2. Bihari Mutton Masala (NON-VEG)

This rustic preperation of Mutton is truly Bihari, unapologetic and flavoursome. Cooked in freshly grounded masala, simmered to perfection.

3.Chena Kofta Curry

Home made Paneer crafted into Koftas and cooked in a Tomato-based gravy. This is nothing like the Paneer you would have ever tasted.

4. Chana Ghughni

A preparation of boiled Chickpeas, cooked in Onion and Spice sauce. The Kala Chana got a whole new meaning.

5. Aloo Bhujia

Biharis cant live without this, thin slices of Potato crispy and mushy all at the same time.

6. Bhaat

Fluffy white rice to compliment the entire meal.

7.Aam Dhania Chutney

Raw Mango and Coriander dash of Lemon and Mustard oil. Ready for the rush!!!!

8. Charori and Papad

Homemade Fryums to add the crunch.

9. Ghee Halua

The quintessential rich taste of India served Bihari style.


Chuim Village, Mumbai

Chuim Village , Khar west, Near Ahmed Bakery

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!