Kilter - Fitness. Nutrition. Habits.

April 1 - 2 | 9AM
MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore
1200 - 2200
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Join in for two days of talks, hands-on workshops and interactions with body hackers, fitness and diet geeks and learn about improving your body via better nutrition, fitness and habits with Kilter.

Why should you be here?

In today’s age of convenience, sedentary lifestyles, and junk food, we easily and readily overlook our health. Our bodies send us subtle and not so subtle signs that things are out-of-kilter: we feel sluggish, crave sweets, suffer aches and pains. And our mind plays a part, too, as we compare ourselves to others, or feel guilty about bad habits. There’s a rising consciousness that recognises we’re unfit and we eat badly. Gyms, restaurants, startups - they cash in on our desire to be both healthy and busy! As a result, myths, marketing pitches, and unscientific principles have proliferated in the health and fitness industry.

It's time to get into balance. Form better habits. Discover what food choices work to lose weight or build muscles. Find an exercise that you enjoy so much it’s painful to miss a day.

Understand the science of what happens in our own bodies. Join in at Kilter and get into balance.

What can you expect?

Kilter 2017 will feature talks that have been reviewed to be scientifically grounded and will have experiential hands-on activities and workshops, for you to not only hear about what's good for you but also try it for yourself, right at the venue. From getting a blood test to learning to balance on a slackline (and lots more), they will also have an eclectic food court where you can sample various diets and decide for yourself if you can eat like that every day.

At Kilter, you are guaranteed to learn something you didn’t already know that will change your life for the better.


Running as a way of life
Santhosh Padmanabhan
Founder - Runner's High

My journey in fitness and nutrition
Arvind Bhateja
A 47-year-old practising neurosurgeon and spine surgeon with a 10-year history in cycling, running and triathlons and a part of India’s best amateur racing cycling team Spectrum Racing

Leveraging food for better health through data-driven approaches
Ganesh Bagler
Scientist and Teacher, Center for Computational Biology, IIIT-Delhi

Optimizing for Happiness
Thejesh GN
Independent Technologist, Hacker, Traveler, Blogger, Info Activist, Open data and Open internet enthusiast

Neurobiology of addiction
Savitr Sastri
Neurosurgeon with a keen interest in basic neurobiology

TwitterGetsFitter - How community can boost your fitness journey
Chitra Balachandran
Belly Dance Instructor and Fitness Blogger

Using catalysts to stay consistent
Ashwin Hariharan
Software Engineer, Tech blogger, Fitness Enthusiast

Keto and Cancer: Fact check
Dr Anushree Vartak
Oncosurgeon, at Army Hospital Research and Referral, Delhi

Lift heavy and eat clean
Sharoon Sunny
Professor, Health and fitness coach



MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore

Brigade Millenium campus, 7th Phase, J.P. Nagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!