KLPD - Komedy, Laughs, Puns, Digs #35

March 30 | 8:30PM
Workbay Co-Working Space
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Stand-up Comedy Open Mic with Sriraam Padmanabhan, featuring acts by Dipika Mhatre, Abhey Kumar and Neil Balthazar.

A line-up of new stand-up comics with a few old ones too, trying out both new and old jokes, all to make you laugh till your sides hurt. 

Your Host:

Sriraam Padmanabhan

Currently attempting his third sabbatical, his second graduation and his first coming of age, Sriraam Padnamaban often finds it difficult to distinguish between plain wisdom and outright BS. He has a thing for long sentences, short stories and English Breakfast Tea. Most of this is understandable when you consider that he was born and brought up in the Mecca of creativity, Chedda Nagar.

Sriraam pulls off the homeless guy look gracefully and his stand-up is known for erring on the side of wit. Ever the humble character, Sriraam claims he does stand-up because he is too lazy to pursue anything else. The truth is he could easily cut it as a newsreader or an insurance salesman. But he refuses such work on principle.

4 things he likes the most in life are: 1. Incomplete Lists.

Featuring performances by

Dipika Mhatre

Dipika Mhatre is an upcoming stand-up comedian who has been making rounds in the circuit with her down-to earth delivery on topics covering being a maid, religion and price tags. She was featured in Aditi Mittal's showcase - Bad Girls. 

Abhey Kumar

He's a Commerce student, a CA, a CS dropout, has a Corporate job, and is now doing Comedy - he's basically into everything that starts with a C.

Neil Balthazar

Neil Balthazar is a standup comedian and comedy writer whose only aim is to make people laugh at the nasty things he says. That way, he doesn't have to bear the guilt of his questionable sense of humour alone.


Workbay Co-Working Space

1st Floor, Deep Jyot Bungalow, off S.V. Road, 39, Church Avenue, opposite Sacred Heart Church, Santacruz (W), Willingdon, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!