Know Your Future With Tarot Card Reading

Everyday | 11:15AM & 5:45PM
Bodhisattva PS, Noida
1100 - 5100
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Want to know how the future will look like for you in terms of your Business/Job,Finances,Health,Relationship,etc

It is always good to get a direction and get a future forecasting done as then we can plan for things in advance and all our confusions come to an end

Tarot Card Reading is a very scientific process of future forecasting where all the cards have energies or vibrations just like our bodies have some energies and depending upon our questions the matching energies of the cards get activated

You can either go for a simple Tarot Card Reading Session where we reveal your future with the help of different cards or you can go for a more detailed,accurate and comprehensive session involving Rice,Grain & Candle Reading along with the Tarot Cards.For this you will need to bring some uncooked rice, any uncooked lentil or dal from your kitchen and any tea light candle along with 2 steel plates and a match box or a lighter.This is a unique reading session that will not only give you lot of clarity about your future but also you will feel relaxed and healed

So book your customised & exclusive tarot session with us now

Tarot Reader & Holistic Healer: Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma is a Certified Holistic Healer and a Life Coach who is the Founder & Director of Bodhisattva PS and is involved in Energy Healing techniques involving Reiki,Lama Fera,Magnified Healing,Crystal/Color/Aroma Therapy,Dowsing,Tarot Card Reading,Coffee Cup Reading,Space Clearing,Runes,Space Clearing,etc with over 12+ years of experience in Healing Domain.She guides people from all across the country and across the globe including UAE, Canada, US, Russia, Europe and conducts various Workshops/Seminars/Events from Stress Management to Relationship to Wealth Management.She also does one to one counselling and guidance sessions for people with all sorts of challenges from Financial to Emotional to Health



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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!