Kommuneity Weekend #3 : Nagpur Edition

October 6 & 7 | 12PM & 5PM
Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters
299 - 999 (Exclusive of GST)
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Kommuneity - we've had workshops, and we've had slams. Our workshops have you walking in with words and walking out with art - art you never knew existed, stories you never thought were worth sharing. Our story slams are what unique Sundays are made of, complete with tellers breaking down their walls and finding support in strangers who look a lot less strange by the end of the evening. Both events however, define the Kommuneity for us. So we decided to combine the two to give you a weekend with all things Kommune, a weekend you'll want to repeat again and again. Welcome to the Nagpur edition of the Kommuneity weekend, where we marry the beauty of learning with the promise of growing.

So Nagpur, we come to you with a Saturday of learning in the workshop, followed by a Sunday of using everything you've learned in the story slam. The theme for this story slam is 'Growing up' - so send us your coming of age stories, tell us what growing up means to you. Wrap it up in nostalgia, feed us a few bitter truths, or make us smile with inspiration, the ball is in your court.

Participants will receive complimentary writing material. After all, what's a writer without a book? So join Kommune as they create, captivate, and collaborate at this Kommuneity weekend!

Why should you attend the workshop?

- Learn how to turn every experience into a brilliant 5 minute piece, a skill that is often used in interviews and presentations. A skill that is left out of the school syllabus.
- Learn how to string the beginning, the middle and the end together to make a kickass story. Learn how to turn your experiences into poetry.
- Skip the submission and feedback process and learn directly from some of the most loved performers and poets.
- Have an intimate session of learning, sharing, and creating.
- Walk in prepared for Kommune's slams, where we often find amazing performers, stories, and storytellers.
- Begin the journey of self-editing and curating - become your own most reliable critic.

Why should you attend the story slam?

- Kommune story slams are intimate evenings where storytellers get a chance to tell their stories, with or without curation.
- More importantly however, it's a chance to become a better storyteller, perform in front of a supportive crowd and take part in a completely democratic competition (the audience votes to pick the winner).
- Some of the best poets and storytellers have been slam winners – this includes names like Mohammed Sadriwala and Gaurav Tripathi.

To participate, please read the rules carefully
- The theme for this session is 'Growing Up.' All stories must reflect the theme.
- Only original and personal pieces (from your own life) are allowed. Fictional stories and poetry are not allowed for the slam. Kommune does not encourage reading out your piece/using books/paper/phones for reference.
- The time limit is 5 minutes per performance.
- To send submissions, attach a screenshot of your Insider ticket and send Kommune the title and the description of your story in two lines to team@kommuneity.co.in with the subject line "Kommuneity Weekend (Nagpur): Growing Up."
Submitted pieces will make it to the Kommune Slam Jar and by random selection, tellers will be picked to perform. Best stories of the day get a lot of love and amazing prizes!

About the Venue

Our Kommuneity weekend will be @corridorsevencoffee founded by India's First AeroPress Champion, Tedx speaker & one of 25-odd coffee Q-Graders. (Yes, there are World Coffee Tournaments too & 2017 was the first time India participated!)
Corridor Seven is an ode to Indian Specialty Coffee. They source coffee directly from Indian estates, roast it scientifically & brew it methodically.
Featured in ozy.com, their coffee is making waves locally & nationally. And we can't wait to have it & to meet the Kommuneity you got growing there!


Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

New Parking lot Opp. St Francis Xavier Church, Temple Bazar Rd, Sitabuldi, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!