Lal Qila (Red Fort), Delhi

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Red Fort
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If we were to think of grand heritage monuments from Delhi, Red Fort would definitely be one of the top 5 on our list. The idea for the Red Fort came to life when back in 1639, Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned its construction while shifting his capital from Agra to Delhi. Referred to as the 'Lal Qila', it is designed with a fusion of Indo-Islamic and Mughal architecture. The red tint that we all identify the monument with, is visible because of the red sandstone which was used during the construction of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This massive walled citadel was the main residence for nearly two centuries until the British Empire took over.

A walk across the grand monument will give you a tour of the palace complex, entertainment halls, projecting balconies, geometrical gardens, and an ornate mosque. Amongst the most famous structures are the Hall of Public Audience (Diwan-i-Am) and Hall of Private Audience (Diwan-i-Khas). The Red Fort also became a politically significant monument after Jawaharlal Nehru made his historic speech marking India’s Independence from British rule. Presently, every year on August 15th, the Prime Minister of India addresses the nation and raises the Indian National Flag at this historical site.

Things to see

  • Rang Mahal (painted palace)
  • Mumtaz Mahal (which has now been converted to a Museum)
  • Khas Mahal (the emperor’s private residence)
  • Khwabgah (A sleeping chamber)
  • Tosh Khana (A robe chamber)
  • Hammam (the ornately decorated royal bathing area)
  • Hayat-Baksh-Bagh (life-giving garden)
  • Lahori Gate (since it faces the city of Lahore)
  • Delhi Gate (another entrance to the fort)
  • Water Gate (build on a riverbank, the river changed its course, but the name remains same)

How to get there?

  • Located in the heart of the city, the Red Fort is well-connected by all modes of transport and can be reached by cab and bus. The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the nearest railway station is Old Delhi Railway Station, and the nearest bus station is Kashmiri Gate Bus Station.
  • If you plan to take the metro, then board off at the Chandni Chowk metro station. Alternatively, you can take the heritage line which comprises the landmarks of the Old Delhi and board-off at the Red Fort metro station.


Red Fort

Lal Qila (Red Fort), Delhi, Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Central Delhi, Delhi, 110006


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