Leap of Faith Design Thinking Workshop Mumbai

October 11 - 12 | 10AM
Hilton Mumbai International Airport
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With the dramatic rise in digital technology, there’s a desperation for business owners, leaders and managers to quickly and effectively actualise business ideas amongst the existing and disruptive competition. Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Uber are using Design Thinking because it is pure Innovation at its core.

We at GBNxt bring to you a two-day Innovation Accelerator Program that will focus on the fundamentals of Design Thinking through interactive and activity-based experiences, debates and discussions. With our unique Billboard Design Thinking approach, we will demonstrate how you can solve a business problem with minimal knowledge of the problem at hand and most importantly how to do this at speed.


Day 1-
Design & Innovation: The Importance of Design Thinking, Design Sprints & Innovation in Today’s Economy
Problem Socialisation: Socialising the problem to solve by a representative of the organisation
Team Formation: Allocation of the team participants to the problems on the day
Problem Statements: Technique to Identify the 'right' Problem Statement User, Persona Pains and Stakeholder Maps: Techniques to personify people and stakeholders.

Day 2-
Product, Service or Process Breakdown: Scenarios and Deriving Insights from Pain Points
Solution Ideation and Descriptive Stories: Technique to Explore & Evaluate Solution Alternatives
Pretotyping and Prototyping:Designing Prototypes. The Goal of Prototyping
Product, Service or Process Vision: Designing Delivery. How should it be delivered to users?

What You Will Learn:


Learn the methodology that’s driving innovation today
Learn the framework that builds organisational and team unity
Learn how to uncover customer potential and value
Understand how to take your Organisation and Team to the next level
Understand the human-centred framework of Design Thinking
Understand how to use foundational templates and methods
Create alignment across disparate stakeholders
Create real business impact and become an Industry leader

Delivering enhanced products and services at speed - Leap of Faith Design Thinking workshop

Leap of Faith Design Thinking - Workshop Facilitation Team - GBNxt

Design Thinking Facilitator Experience - Bernard Schokman - Leap of Faith workshop - GBNxt


Hilton Mumbai International Airport

Sahar Elevated Rd, Andheri East, Ashok Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!