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Craft unique virtual experiences using our simple and powerful online event platform. Create, ticket and host digital events on the platform used by millions of live event loving fans.


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Host engaging virtual experiences using our simple and powerful online event platform. Reach millions of users and build your community.


Easy Event

List your event under five minutes. Our all-in-one platform lets you setup events, host them, generate reports and collect payments.


Secure Hosting Experience

Enhanced security features that keep your event link a secret till showtime. Events are accessible only to ticket buyers.



Integrated attendee management and guest list management. Automated reminders to ticket buyers.

10 MN+
12 MN+



Choose between small rooms with guaranteed 1:1 interaction, and large rooms with stage-like setting.

Interactions & media

Engage your attendees via video, chat and Q&A. Use  music, image and more for event packaging.


Talk to your ticket buyers, send them instructions or collect feedback, via WhatsApp/ Email.


Real-time tracking for your event's sales, daily ticketing trends, traffic attribution and more.


Your events get auto-listed and benefit from our network of 10 million+ across Paytm Insider.


Boost  audience reach with add-on marketing services and featured listing solutions.

Suitable for everyone

Digital events solution on Paytm Insider supports a wide range of online event listings; from independent artists who want to monetise their content to corporates looking for a hassle-free solution for company events, we have something for everyone.

Course & Workshop Facilitators

List your workshops and courses with month-long or recurring schedule on our easy-to-use self-service platform. Use video, chat and Q&A features to interact with your students. View session-wise reports and analytics to optimise your course content and schedule. Join 50+ course providers across Music, Dance, Cooking, Technology and Fitness genres currently listing with us.

Artists &

Simplified journeys for independent artists, musicians and content creators to take their events online on their own. Get genre-specific tips and guidance on event and studio setup through our knowledge base and make use of our dry-run facility to design memorable virtual experiences for your fans.

Event Organisers
& Venues

Curate events ranging from single-artist shows to month long festivals with multiple formats and artists, with our flexible and easy-to-use event scheduling features. Get visibility on Paytm Insider and partner networks.


Take your customer, employee or partner engagement events online with our corporate digital solutions. Security and privacy features well-suited for large companies. Dedicated event and tech support  during your event. Curated event packages with Comedy, Workshops, Music and Activity inclusions for you to pick from.


Featured Genres

Featured Genres


Our 360-degree support system helps you transform your events online with ease.

Knowledge Base

Insights and best practices for making your online events successful, curated with the help of industry experts.

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Interact with 200+ online event organisers on our community and get technical guidance for your events.

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Demos and webinars by our product experts; get your setup or hosting related queries addressed real-time.

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Sahil Shah

“This is the best way to perform without leaving the house and for people to laugh without leaving their house. It’s funny how the platform is now literally what we are doing. Insider is making sure I’m staying Insider.”


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Choose a plan to start listing your online events. Our creator-friendly pricing is designed with you in mind to make the shift to digital easy and viable.

Ideal for independent artists and small-scale workshops
100 participants
Small room events
Upto 60 minutes
starting from ₹1,500 /mo
Perfect for longer event formats, webinars, workshops, festivals
100+ participants
Small & Large room events
60 minutes or longer
starting from ₹50,000
Exclusive solutions for hassle-free private events for your company
Curated experiences across genres
Pre-event training and support
Branding opportunities
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How do I start listing my events?


You could start by signing up on our Basic plan or the Pro plan. The Basic plan works well for small-scale virtual events with upto a 100 attendees. If you are looking for large room solutions or need additional marketing and technical support for your events, the Pro plan suits you best. The platform fee starts from ₹1,500 per month and depends on your event requirement. Once you sign up, our team will be in touch to discuss this further.

What are digital events?


Digital events on Paytm Insider help you take your event ideas and content online and turn them into exclusive ticketed experiences. With social distancing becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, mass engagements such as music gigs, comedy events, workshops, live concerts, conferences etc. are shifting online. Our digital events solution is designed to make this transition hassle-free for you. We currently list 5,000+ virtual events including live comedy, virtual live concerts, fitness courses, online workshops, online gaming events and more. Virtual events have certain long term advantages as well - they are far more accessible, affordable and environment friendly compared to on-ground events.

How do I decide which plan to go for?


Pro account users get access to large rooms and can set up virtual events that are longer than 60 minutes. You can have unlimited attendees for your events; and the pricing is customised as per your requirements. If the virtual event idea you have in mind doesn't need any of these features, sign up for the Basic plan. And hey, you can always upgrade.

What is the difference between small rooms and large rooms?


Small rooms have an intimate setting and allow 1:1 interaction between attendees. All attendees are alike and can interact with each other via audio or video. Large rooms on the other hand have a stage-like setting with multi-level participation. With panelists who can interact with each other via audio and video and a larger pool of attendees who can interact via chat, Q&A and more, this format suits well in case of performances, live concerts, online conferences, festivals and large-scale online workshops.

When does the payout for my ticket sales happen?


When your event is listed, the payment for ticket sales is received by Paytm Insider and settled with you after the event gets over. Settlements are done weekly. For an event, the payout usually happens during the week following the event's conclusion. Once you sign up as an organiser, we will be collecting your account details and other relevant documents required for payouts.

Can I promote my events?


Yes, we offer marketing and promotions for your virtual events on Paytm Insider and on social media for a premium. Note that this option is only available for Pro account users. Get in touch for further information.

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