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Trueborns of Game of Thrones fandom, join Rohan Joshi LIVE every Monday as they talk about the final season right here on the app. Predict the outcome of the next episode and win a trip to Croatia!

Send a raven, rally the realms, gather the Seven Kingdoms - Season 8 - the FINAL Game of Thrones season is here and we can’t keep calm about it!

To celebrate this, we have the best show to live stream at night after each episode is aired on Monday morning. So, sharpen your dragon glass, open "Beyond The Wall" on the app, and predict the most unpredictable show ever!

About the show

The live interactive show will be a discussion on what went down in the latest episode along with obscure hidden messages that you might have missed and fan theories about how the season is going to play out. You will get to participate in the discussion through poll and predictions that will pop up in-between the show. If you get them right, you win big i.e. a trip to the land of Game of Thrones, Croatia! It's true because like the Lannisters, always pays its debts.
P.S. THE SHOW CONTAINS SPOILERS! We recommend you watch the latest episode before tuning in.

Every Monday | 10 PM
Host: Rohan Joshi

Download the app to play!

The live feature is available exclusively on the app. Click below to get started.

Why Croatia? Find the most iconic scenes filmed right here!

Lannister, Stark, Targaryen…If you recognise any of these surnames, you’ll love exploring some of the places as seen in Game of Thrones.

Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik) and the Famous “Shaming” scene

Fortress of Kliss – City of Meereen

Trsteno Arboretum (Trsteno) – The Gardens of Red Keep

Missed out on all the action? Watch all the previous episodes right here!

Episode 1: Winterfell
Reunions, revelations and a special song in the end by guest Supriya Joshi. Check out the video and find out what went down in the premiere episode of GoT. Also, hear what Rohan and his friends had to say about it.

Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
The night was long, there was a drinking party, and had a lot of sexual tension! What were the thoughts of Rohan and his guests? Watch the video and find out.

Episode 3: The Long Night
If you couldn't see this episode, at least this discussion might help you know what all happened in the epic battle.

Episode 4: The Last Of The Starks
"I don't know what I just saw." Rohan, Sapan and Sharin tried to make sense of an episode that was some parts old-school GoT and some parts Student Of The Year.

Episode 5: The Bells

"She killed my bhaiyya". Prashasti Singh and Sahil Shah got together with Rohan Joshi to discuss fallen characters and any (false) hopes of getting closure. Meanwhile, Jon Snow sits on the table and does nothing.

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