Super Over (KXIP): Play it live on App

How well do you know the Lions of Punjab? Play the gameshow and find out.

Their roar echoes through the stadiums. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Shers of IPL - Kings XI Punjab.

So, you think you know everything about #SaddaSquad? No, you don't have to play against them. Instead, play this live interactive gameshow - Super Over only on the app and tell us how well do you know the team's history and highlights.

About the show

An interactive, predictive, live online show where you will be answering 6 quick questions about Kings XI Punjab. All correct answers will grant you a guaranteed Insider stash from a spilt pot of Rs. 5,000.

When: May 5 | 2 PM
Host: Sorabh Pant


1. How do I use my rewards?

Rewards are credited directly to your Insider account and will reflect in your profile page- You can then use your rewards to buy tickets for any event on! Check out awesome events near you on the app.

2. I couldn’t participate. Can I watch the video elsewhere?

Unfortunately, you can only participate in shows that are hosted on app live! However, we do have a bunch of exciting shows coming up. To stay updated, follow the shows you’re looking forward to under the ‘Play it Live’ section on the app. We will be archiving videos as well - you can catch the first episode below!

3. How do I check my historical scores?

At this time, historical scores are not available for public viewing. However, if you've won previous quizzes, your prizes will reflect in your Insider wallet. You can check this here-

4. My screen froze after I answered the last question. How do I check if I've won?

In case this happens, check if you’ve won by logging into your profile page to see if the reward has been credited to your wallet. You can view this here -

5. How do I check how many lives I have currently?

To see how many lives remain unused, please visit your Insider profile page here- You can use these lives in any of our subsequent live shows! To stay updated, just follow the shows you’re looking forward to here under the ‘Play it Live’ section on the app.

6. What are the recommended tech specifications to participate in Live on

We recommend you use the latest version of Android and iOS and be on either a WIFI or 4G connection.

Download the app to play!

The live feature is available exclusively on the app. Click below to get started.

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