LUDO Championship, Powered by Couple Sabha

May 31 | 1PM - June 7 | 3PM
89 onwards


On public demand, and to make afternoons more fun for families in the lock down, we are here with 'Ludo Championship'. Join us for an online version of one of everyone's favorite game, and we are sure that not only you, but your family will have a great time.

How It Works:

  1. Once you sign up, we will email you a link of the WhatsApp Group.
  2. The game will be played on Ludo King Application.
  3. There will be 3 rounds - 1st Pre-Lims, 2nd Semi-Finals and 3rd Final round.
  4. Winners of Pre-Lims round, will go to Final round.
  5. Winner of the final round will be awarded with cash prizes of 500 INR

Prize Money -

500 INR (Note - Prize money is subjected to minimum participation of 9 participants. If we have less participants, it will be reduced in proportionately.

Who Can Participate -

There is no restriction: anyone and everyone can participate.

Who We Are

Couple Sabha, is a community of families, working / married couples. We host fun events and meet-ups, with games, food and music, for families to have a good time, and to rekindle their relationships.

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