MadBeth - A Hilariously Tragic Experience

January 27 | 7:30PM
Harkat Studios, Versova, Mumbai
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Have you ever imagined to laugh out loud with one of the most tragic, ferocious and madden character in the history of theatre? MADBETH promises to take you on the funniest, wittiest and chuckle-duckle twisted ride out of the box.

Welcome to a roller coaster ride in the world created by Rupesh Tillu. MADBETH is a highly interactive physical comedy loosely inspired by Shakespeare's classic. A profound allegory that dissolves the space between observer and performer. The performance is a combination of slapstick, acrobatics, mime, songs and improvisations.

MADBETH has been played for a wide range of audience in Europe, Israel-Palestine, USA and India and across other parts of the world.

Finally the popular play returns back onto the stage in a series of festival (Adhishakti, Ranthambore and HARKAT STUDIOS).

About the Performer

Rupesh Tillu is an actor, director and independent film-maker, born in Mumbai India. He holds MFA in Physical Comedy from The National School of Dramatic Arts, Sweden. He has received several international theatre awards such as Outstanding Artist/Act - Stockholm Fringe Festival2012, A Special Jury Award - Best of Prague Fringe Festival 2013 and many more. He played the title role of Boicheck in a feature film directed by national award winner director Santosh Sivan.The film is a Hindi adaptation of Georg Buchner's Woycheck. Currently he is filming for Shriram Raghvan’s next feature film ‘ Shoot The Piano Player', which is scheduled to release in 2018. Recently he played the character of 'Yorick' for a Hollywood production 'Ophilia', reinterpreting Hamlet, directed by Claire McCarthy, where he got an opportunity to do scenes with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. He has also played the character of Ajay in the national and international award winner feature film Ship of Theseus. His new work Har Och Nu is commissioned by Tyst Teater/Riksteatern (Swedish National Theatre), which premiered in March 2017 in Sweden, followed by a national tour. He has worked with several theatre companies such as Avikal Theatre Company (India), Urban Theatre Company (Sweden), Teater Slava (Sweden), Bananteatern (Sweden). He has done expeditions with Clowns without Borders to Moldova, Palestine, Israel, India, Jordan, Nepal, Bhutan and Egypt. He is a part of Drömställe - A clown trio, which toured nationally in all renowned theatres of Sweden in 2013, and since then the play has been touring in Europe's prestigious theatre festivals. His vocational training includes one year Physical Theatre at Fhsk Vårdinge By. Professional Clown training with Clowns without Borders Sweden. He has also worked for UNESCO Centre for Peace, Frederick M.D, USA. His debut documentary feature film 'The Living Gods' is co-produced by the Swedish National Television which premièred at FIFA, Canada in March 2014. He is the founder and artistic director of Theatre act.

About the production

Theatre act produces works of theatre that deals with international issues and have an universal appeal. We believe in experimentation and innovation that can challenge the creator as well as theatre as an art form itself. Theatre that is provocative and can stimulate the imagination and raise questions for its audiences. Humour is an essential part of our work. Our aim is to create an international platform for theatre practitioners, where different cultures can fuse, share ideas and carry on researching so as to create a theatrical language and style that is unique and can be expressed beyond any political boundaries. We believe that children are universal citizens, therefore investment in children through theatre practice is very important for the globalised world that we live in. We want to bring high quality theatre to under privileged children regardless their country or ethnicity.



Harkat Studios, Versova, Mumbai

Bungalow No. 75, JP Road, Aram Nagar Part 2, Machlimar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061, India

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