Mandala Doodling Workshop

Mandala Doodling Workshop

November 18 | 4PM
AKA Bistro, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


Learn to doodle intricate mandalas in a fun & informal space. For people who have never painted, or are scared of drawing, this is a great opportunity to get started!The Bombay Drawing Room takes care of all the art materials, refreshments & provides all the guidance needed.

The word ‘mandala’ comes from the Sanskrit language in ancient India. These ‘sacred circles’ have been found in hundreds of cultures. They are always symmetrical, and they always draw your eye in towards the center. It represents the wholeness, or the strength and unity of community, or the lovely, cyclical progression of time.

Mandalas also occur quite often in nature. In the nesting rings of a tree trunk, the sectioned slice of an orange, and the way the great Universe itself spins around and cradles its clouds.

About the Organizer

Founded by self taught artist Snehal Patil, Bombay Drawing Room is an initiative that fosters fun and non judgmental environment that was created by the vision to encourage creative expression in everyday settings.

About the Venue

AKA Bistro’s décor fuses symmetry with ornamented detailing that exudes an ‘Old Bombay’ vibe. Given the brand’s lineage with fashion and textiles, a woven installation makes for interesting views wherever one is seated. The menu represents contemporary world cuisine, retaining subtle and rustic flavours that work in the modern city context. The menu boasts of a wide variety of hearty one-pot dishes, live crepes and locally sourced market fish of the freshest variety.


AKA Bistro, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

123, Nagindas Master Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!