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August 18 - 26 | 9AM
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Vast stretches of valleys and plateaus infused with the scenic beauty of lush forests, time-honoured caves and splendid waterfalls – this is Meghalaya. Doesn’t it sound dream-like? See for yourself! Take a one-of-a-kind trek through the wondrous locales of Mawphlang, Cherrapunjee and many more magical spots in Meghalaya with Plan The Unplanned and unleash the wanderer within you.

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Day 0/18th Aug: Reach Guwahati
Book your train or plane tickets to Guwahati as the trip will begin from here. (Plan and make advanced bookings to avail lower ticket prices.) The trek leads from Plan The Unplanned will meet you there once you arrive.

Reach Guwahati before 9 AM. We shall head to our first town in Meghalaya – Mawphlang.
Overnight Stay in Hotel in Mawphlang!

Day 1/19th Aug: Mawphlang: Sacred Grove Trek
Located near the Mawphlang Village in the lap of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya is a 1000 year old sacred grove that will mesmerize you with its sheer beauty. It will take you a few minutes to come to terms with just how glorious nature can be as you stand amidst the lush green foliage, rich with the natural perfume that emanates from the wild forest before you. It is referred to as the sacred grove because of the belief that this forest is the abode of the deities. One of the most famous deities is called Labasa. Locals believe that the deities take the form of the wild animals in the forest to protect them. Hence, this forest is untouched by humans – no cutting of trees or no plucking or flowers or fruits. It’s no wonder that the forest is so alluring to us humans. After spending some time wandering within the depths of the forest – you’ll have to be forced to leave this magical abode and get back to reality!

Next up: Trek through a time-honoured trekking route discovered in the 1800’s!

David Scott Trail Trek
This historic trail stretches for 100 km and served as a horse-cart route from Assam to Bangladesh. It is named after its creator, a British administrator named David Scott who worked in the Khasi area for 30 years. The trail between Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang that covers the terrain of the Eastern Khasi Hills is the most famous. This stretch of the trail is 16 km and that’s what we will be doing. It is about a 4 to 5-hour trek during which you will cross river bank, walk to the other side of a military bridge and witness the intricacies of the forest. (Make sure you carry plenty of water to keep active.)

Night camping in David Scott
Once we complete this truly satisfying forest trek, it’s time to pitch our tents, warm up and camp under the stars for the night.

When you wake up the next morning, fresh with the excitement of your finishing your first day, get ready to make new trek memories!

Day 2/20th Aug: Drive to Tyrna
We start the day by driving to the base camp at Tyrna. Once we reach Tyrna, the trek begins by walking for about 1.5 km to the lower part of the village. Once we reach this point, we will have to trek down the hill and towards a living root bridge called Double-decker Root Bridge. It takes about an hour of trekking through the forest before you reach stone steps that lead to a bridge help with cable wires. As you cross this bridge, the sound of flowing water under you and the sanctity for the forest will make you feel alive! Further ahead you will cross another bridge similar to this one before you reach Nongriat village. This village is home to the much-anticipated 200-year-old, Double Decker Root Bridge. When you reach the bridge, you are bound to be awestruck by the majestic bridge. It was built patiently by the villagers over generations by guiding the roots across the river with support. It is named Double Decker because it comprises of 2 bridges stacked one over the other and can old up to 50 people at once!

Night stay in Double-Decker With another unforgettable trek journey completed, we halt at the Nongriat village and pitch our tents for another peaceful night amongst the wilderness.

Day 3/21st Aug: Trek to Rainbow falls
One day 3 of our Meghalaya adventure trek, we set off from Nongriat Village climbing for 1.5 hours to reach the Rainbow Falls. This trek takes immense grit and endurance as the path is made up of broken, uneven rocks and very dense forest. You will only have the sound of water and of insects as a source of comfort as you push yourself to trek towards the waterfall. When catch the first glimpse of torrents of water falling at momentous speed and pounding a gigantic rock below, the tiresome trek will feel worth it. You know why? Because this fall is a true gift from nature – the sun’s rays hit the rock to reflect a miraculous rainbow on both sides and you will think your eyes are deceiving you!

The sheer magical effect of what you see before you will make you want to indulge in a dip in the water. The climb down to the pool of clear blue water is steep but once you immerse yourself in the cold transparent water – you will be glad you did it.

Once you find your way back to the top, it’s time to peel your eyes away from the rainbow because another waterfall awaits us!

Trek to Nohkalikai falls
The Nohkalikai Falls is the 5th Highest Scenic Waterfall in India and it doesn’t disappoint. This fall is named after a woman who meets a tragic end by jumping off the cliff into the fall. ‘Noh’ means jump, ‘Ka’ is a prefix used for women and ‘Likai’i is a name. One of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India with a height of 1115 feet, the trek down to Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most popular treks to go on and takes about an hour. The trek starts through grassy paths until the point where you will climb down the hill. Things get tricky when you reach the bottom of the hill – you will have to walk through slippery stone paths and wade through icy cold streams but you will also witness beautiful naturally carved stones and small waterfalls that will lighten the mood. Some paths will look like dead ends but soldier on till you reach the edge of the waterfall. It will be worth it. As you stand at the edge drinking in the spectacular view and feeling the fresh air hit your face, your aches and pains will fade away. The view will instill in you a great sense of pride to have trekked your way over to such an outstanding natural phenomenon.

Night stay in Pynursla
After a long and eventful day of waterfalls treks, we will stay the night in the small village of Pynursla. With a heart full of fond memories, doze off into a state of happy exhaustion for another wonderful night as a camper!

Day 4/22nd Aug: Trek to U Mawryngkhang (Wahkhen)
Rise and shine as we make our way over to yet another unique trek spot called U Mawryngkhang. This trek routed located in the hamlet of Wahkhen about 54 km from Shillong is different from most trails because it is a stony route lined with broomsticks and trees.U Mawryngkhang also referred to as the “King of Stones” based on a local legend makes for a pleasant trek experience.

Day 5/23rd Aug: Trek to Kongthong (Whistling village)
Amongst the many idyllic villages tucked away in the hills of Meghalaya, the village of Kongthong is most extraordinary due to a unique local culture. The people of Kongthong do not address each other by name but rather by a tune that has been assigned to them at birth. This is an age-old tradition followed by the entire village. This tune is considered useful during hunting as it serves as an identity. Kongthong Village is well-known for the production of organic honey. A trek through this village is unlike anything that any of us may experience so far!

Night stay in Kongthong
Set up camp in the musically-attuned village and the melodious environment will be perfect for a gooḍ nights sleep.

Day 6/24th Aug: Sightseeing in Kongthong
We’ll be spending our second day in the village of Kongthong to get to know more about their peculiar culture and traditions by just walking around the tiny roads. Look out for natural root bridges and hidden falls!

Night stay in Kongthong
For the first time in this trek, we will spend the second night in the same spot because this village is just so unique in its way of life.

Day 7/25th Aug: Drive to Cherrapunjee
Bid the happy whistlers of the village goodbye as we get ready to drive down to the most popular tourist location in Meghalaya – Cherrapunjee!

The drive takes about two hours and once we enter Cherrapunjee, we will be spending a day admiring the sights of Cherrapunjee.

First up is the Seven Sister Falls: This is the 4th highest falls in India and is a great tourist attraction during the monsoon season. Also known as Nohsngithiang Falls, this is a 7 segmented waterfall and is a must visit place in North East India.

Mawsmai Cave: Located about 5 km from Cherrapunji, Mawsmai Cave is another great tourist spot. 150 km of this limestone cave is accessible to tourists and it is well-lit with Halogen lamps to walk through the depths of the cave. With many hidden doors within, this cave gives off a surreal feeling of how people lived in the earlier times and is another must visit on your North East travel list.

Bangladesh Border View Point:
A giant monolith rock formation boasts of a spectacular panoramic view with the plains of Bangladesh below you and a pristine stream flowing nearby. The only crowd you will witness is a crowd of trees and the only noise will be of the leaves rustling around you. No better way to complete an adventure-filled journey than by observing this breathtaking view.

Day 8/26th Aug: Return back to Guwahati
After a whirlwind week of trekking through the majestic hills of Meghalaya, it’s time to pack up and embark on the return journey to Guwahati. As we make our own ways back to the reality of our lives, we will never forget the experiences we shared together in the depths of the forest.

Important Note

Min number of traveler required for the event to happen is 5. Plan The Unplanned would be not responsible for any flight cancellation charges/any other cost.
It is mandatory to reach Guwahati on/by 9 Am on 18th August.
Personal expenses are to be borne by you.
You can check the cancellation policy by clicking on cancellation tab.
You may book your return ticket for 26th Aug 2018.


Accommodation in Homestays and lodge(18th-25th Aug)
Transportation pick up and drop and sight seeing (guwahati to guwahati)
Guide charges
Dinner and breakfast included for camping only
Entry fees


Breakfast, lunch and dinner on all days
Anything not included in the inclusions above

Things To Carry

Rucksack (Just stuff your things in!)
Small Back Pack(20-30 ltr)
2 water bottle – 1 litre each (Hydration is much needed.)
Torch/Headlamp (It’ll be really dark at night.)
Portable charger (You might just want to keep your phone aside, but then, selfies toh banta hai!)
Deodorant (You shouldn’t stink!)
Energy Food ( Chocolate bars, Electrolyte drinks – Glucon-D, etc ) (You can carry some extra – we don’t mind to share!)
Raincoat / Bag cover (Of course, you don’t want your rucksack to get all wet!) Flip-flops (Just to laze around.)
First Aid Kit (along with personal medicine as per your requirement)
Toilet kit
Towel (Oh! We believe in saving water.)

Cancellation Policy

8000/- INR (Booking Fee) is not refundable.
If you have paid the total amount that is 22999/- before 25th July 2018 and cancel for any reasons, then there would be a 50% refund
If you cancel the plan after 25th July 2018 – No Refund.





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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!