Mind Mapping Training for Startups and Individuals

Mind Mapping Training for Startups and Individuals


July 25 | 10AM

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Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience

About the Event

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is the art-and-science of charting out your ideas and plans and thereby joining the dots to plot a framed methodology for better efficiency and higher productivity. An efficient Mind-Mapping activity can take you a step closer to achieving your desired outcomes.

How does it help?

Are you someone bubbling with numerous innovative ideas waiting for the appropriate execution trigger? Are you a budding entrepreneur aspiring to shape your business ideas into a concrete form?

If yes, then here is your opportunity to knit your creativity and imagination into a well-framed structure under the guidance of our Industry Expert. Learn ways to sketch your ideas for better decision making and ensuring a goal-oriented approach. This workshop will be your practical guide aiming to bridge the planning-execution gap by indulging in the intense activity of Mind Mapping.

Topics Covered: 

- Understanding how we currently use our brain (left/right). Are you left-brain dominant/right-brain dominant?

- How are we trained to think and what is Whole-brain thinking?

- Understanding the benefits of whole brain thinking and scientific logic backing the same?

- Understanding what is Mind mapping?

- A scientific explanation of how does it harness the power of Brain to make you more productive?

- How C level executives across the globe are using it in their day to day lives to get tasks done?

- Learning the rules of Mind mapping and practising them through real-life examples and drills? 


1) This will be an online training using screen-sharing.

2) This training module can also be customized to cover up your specific industry requirements.

3) This training can be taken up on a 1-2-1 basis as well as for a team

4) Upon confirmation, you will be connected to the trainer/course analyst for a technical call for a deep understanding of your training, and customization needs.

5) The date and timing for each session will be flexibly decided as per the mutual understanding between the attendees and the trainer and coordinated by our team.

Add-Ons Post Training:

1) Post-Training Support

2) Certification Advisory

3) Business Networking Support

4) Skill Validation Report signed by Industry Expert

Get ready to plunge into a pool of thoughts and ideas and discovering extraordinary ways of channelizing the ideas towards goal achievement!

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2359 onwards