Moon and Me | Open Mic | Poetry and Storytelling Slam #1

June 21 | 5PM
House of Veg, Chandrapur


What makes you an imaginary creator?

Sometimes you craft a journey and sometimes you pen down the incidences, whatever that muses you becomes an inspiration of a poet or a storyteller.

Your poetry is the core source of an ultimate escape from the reality and your stories are the proof that you are living in your created escape; be it anything, we want you to perform and let us witness your escape, your story!

If you are a poet and a storyteller then “Moon and me” open mic, poetry, and storytelling slam are made for you.

Wittness such poetry and stories at our Moon and Me, Poetry and storytelling slam #1

(To Participate RSVP +91 8999548597)

Venue - House of Veg, Nawargoan, Chandrapur (MH)


House of Veg, Chandrapur

House of Veg, Ramala Talav, Near Ghate Hospital, Nawargoan, Bazar Ward, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442402

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