Mumbai Oktoberfest & Family Fun Carnival 2019

October 11 - 13 | 2PM - 11PM
Member's Enclosure - Mahalaxmi Racecourse
250 - 999
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Join us to celebrate brand Germany @ Mumbai Oktoberfest 2019! It’s as close as you can get to German culture without a flight ticket!

What’s in store!!

An electrifying dose of Germany’s culture, music and cuisine coupled with Germany’s finest brands showcasing their world class products & services!

Catch a glimpse of Germany’s football fervor with a FC Bayern Legend and amongst many other activities, get mesmerized by Munich’s authentic Oktoberfest band.


Watch the Authentic Oktoberfest band “Die Kirchdorfer” band perform live at the 10th Mumbai Oktoberfest celebration on Friday and Saturday from 6.30PM - 10PM and on Sunday from 4PM - 9PM.


On public demand we are back with a Family Day – Our much loved Mumbai Christmas Fest got a new flavor and turned into a Family Fun Carnival Weekend.

Activities for Kids, petting zoo, football zone with Bundesliga & FC Bayern, shopping opportunities, NGO displays, German F&B etc. From 2pm to 10pm on 12th & 13th Oct.

Some other activities in store for the weekend

Shopping carnival

Come check out unique and cool products from our exhibitors and NGO.

Variety of designer bags, toys, clothes, home utility & decor, handmade & fashion jewelry, bamboo products, eco-friendly stationary and much more

Time – 2pm to 10pm

Dates – 12th & 13th Oct

Children’s Lab presented by Henkel and Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan

Perfect platform for your little scientist

Time – 2:00pm – 6:30pm

Dates - 12th & 13th Oct

Wall Painting activity on “Breaking walls – creating future: Dream your city”

As a celebration of the “30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall” and “50 Years Max Muller Bhavan Mumbai”, students, children and visitors would be able to create and communicate ideas of sustainability on the recreated Berlin Wall.

Also, based on the theme “Breaking walls – creating future: Dream your city”; visitors and children alike will be able to paint the grey side of the wall representing environmental problems, challenges like waste, pollution, traffic collapse, air to a brighter side of the wall representing clean, green living areas, creative energy and traffic solutions.

Time – 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Dates - 12th & 13th Oct

Petting Zoo presented by Nivea

Visitors will be able to play and interact with baby animals and also get a briefing on how to take care of pets and stray animals. Must visit for pet lovers!

Time - 3pm – 6.30pm

Dates – 12th & 13th Oct

Storytelling – German Fairy Tales (Kafka) by Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai

Let the stories draw them in, transport them to another place, and make them feel true essence of storytelling

Time – 3:30pm – 4.30pm

Date – 12th & 13th Oct

Video cartoon film on Sustainability

Get them to learn about the environment and their impacts on it in a fun way

Time - 5pm – 6pm

Date - 12th & 13th Oct

As part of the German Days celebration, Family Fun Carnival Weekend, will be a fun event for the whole family which will be followed by the 10th Mumbai Oktoberfest

Official and Original Oktoberfest Band 'Die Kirchdorfer', who play live in the Munich Oktoberfest since 1994



Member's Enclosure - Mahalaxmi Racecourse

Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!