Mumbai Riders x Social: Travel Open Mic (Edition 2)

March 24 | 4PM
Khar Social, Mumbai


Stories of trials and tribulations of long voyages have never failed to hold court around a fireplace. If you're a fan of such tales, come be a part of this evening where travellers from different walks of life from across the world come together to take you on their journey of discovery, laughter, friendship, courage, resilience and craziness. 

Open house travel meet-up is a platform for travellers to share their stories. We curate some real good speakers and leave the other slots for the open house where they have to come and register on the day itself. Want to share some amazing experience or want to brag about that one trip which you can't get enough of? 

Our Curated topics & speakers will be announced soon! 


Khar Social, Mumbai

Rohan Plaza, 5th Rd, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

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