Naga Vaishanavi M.

November 16 | 4PM
antiSOCIAL, Delhi
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Get ready for a winter gaming marathon at Social this month. Round one is coming down to antiSOCIAL and Nehru Place with a series of war strategy games and simulations that enhance and sharpen problem solving and decision making skills. Learn as you play and ace the art of strategic victory.

These gaming sessions have been divided into two levels. Each game lasts at least for 2 hours, rest assured you wouldn't want to leave before you savour the sweet taste of conquest at least once!

Here are the days and timings for the gaming sessions :


16th November - 4- 7 PM ( Entry Level )

17th November - 5- 8 pm ( Intermediate Level )

Nehru Place Social

26th November - 6 -8 pm ( Entry Level )

27th November - 6- 8 pm ( Intermediate Level )

Entry: INR 500 (Includes a Social Banta )

Let's settle it then ;)

About Round One:

Round One is a Bangalore based gaming and simulation agency. Born out of the aspiration to foster and build strategic decision-making skills. They use games to systematically nurture and build strategic decision-making skills. Through their workshops, participants understand the difficulties and challenges that imperil decisions, especially in the real-world. Their simulations include wargaming and tactical decision making, resource management, conflict and cooperation, and industrial problems among others


antiSOCIAL, Delhi

12, 3rd Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi NCR


Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!