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Bless the older brother!
Originally from Hyderabad, and currently based in London, Redd Alluri’s formative years had little contemporary world music available, and it wasn’t until Alluri’s older brother returned from a fancy university, that he discovered the gems of rock music. Deep Purple and Gun N’ Roses paved way for The Smiths, Joy Division, and Radiohead.

Alluri released his 11-track full-length debut album earlier this year, titled Man of Truth. A diarist to his core, Alluri’s songs wrote themselves during a six-month travel break between completing his Masters in Finland and returning home to India. Eerie, haunting and catchy are some of the words that would come close to describing Alluri’s music. While Alluri is a one-man project, the live act comprises Gavin Jay on bass, Phil Martini on drums, Loucas Hajiantoni on keys, and Alluri himself on vocals and electric guitar.

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