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Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez


It’s the quiet ones we should watch, they always say. Which is particularly astute advice right now, when loud, constant self-declaration and saturated “brand” visibility have become the norm. But above the babble and brightness, some voices will always speak quiet volumes - with calm eloquence and the kind of certitude that comes from valuing the playing out, not just the prize. Sweden’s José González is just such a voice. He first charmed his way into the UK’s earshot via the murmurous and elegant, classically finger-picked folk pop of his 2005 album, Veneer. Two years later came In Our Nature, a further exploration of José’s influences (Argentinian Folklore, the ’60s US folk tradition and the British pastoral folk-pop style of the same era), on which he resisted the temptation to beef up his alluringly introvert aesthetic. The albums made the UK Top 10 and Top 20 respectively. Since then, Jose has toured across the world, and also started his more fulsome, electronic-edged pop project Junip.

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