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Elephant in the Elevator

Elephant in the Elevator


Now that indie music as a genre has come and settled fostering numerous talents around the country, ELEPHANT IN THE ELEVATOR came as a breath of fresh air. From the time of its inception in 2015, the bands proprietors namely Rishikesh Thangjam, Rilim Rana Chowdhury, Roon Buragohain and David Singh has been constantly endeavouring to come up with music which they feel not only soothes their musical craving but also provides a window to vent emotions which otherwise evades mention.

The musical commune started of as a solo project of vocalist and composer Rishikesh sometime in 2013. As songs started filling up his otherwise discreet diary and their compositions demanded perfection, Rilim, Roon and David came forward and offered their musical expertise. And Elephant in the Elevator was born. Here one may wonder why the name Elephant in the Elevator?

Rishikesh, a closet surrealist art admirer, explains it perfectly saying, “It’s a name that speaks about surreal ironies in one’s head.” And their music plays the perfect backdrop cushioning such thoughts and in the process takes the audiences on a topsy turvy ride with unadulterated independent musical overtones.

With four gigs in their bag and a lot brighter future ahead, Elephant in the Elevator is all set to redefine the indie music scenario of the country and hopefully for good.

Rishikesh Thangjam - Vocals/ guitar
Roon Buragohain - guitars
Rilim Rana Chowdhury - drums/ percussions
David Singh - bass

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