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Tough on Tobacco

Tough on Tobacco


Tough on Tobacco is singer-songwriter Sidd Coutto’s talent packed, genre bending, convention defying, wildly funny, brand new live act. The music is a mélange of pop, rock and reggae.

‘Tough on Tobacco’ is an anti-tobacco message. Don’t start smoking! It’s hard to quit once you start. And it’s just not worth it. If even one young adult says no to tobacco because they heard us, we’ll be justified in our cause.

Tough on Tobacco is Sidd Coutto’s first solo album. Sidd has written and produced 5 albums besides performing hundreds of gigs with erstwhile bands Zero and Helga’s Fun Castle, composed and produced background scores and songs for bollywood films and television and does a little acting on the side as well. But this endeavor is what he is truly all about, putting his heart and spirit into extremely captivating melodies and lyrics. This is an album of songs with a simple soul, played by a bunch of exceptionally gifted musicians.

The band includes Helga’s Fun Castle’s Johan Pais on bass and Jai Row Kavi on drums, Zero’s last guitar line-up of Pozy Dhar and Gaurav Gupta, and is fronted by Sidd Coutto on vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, drums and computers.

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