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Wild Palms

Wild Palms


They say you have your whole life to make your first album; years upon years of growth, learning and experience filtered into one perfect record. Your debut is supposed to be the one you labour over, while the follow-up is meant to be served up within spitting distance of the last. Well, not if you're London based Wild Palms. "We did that in reverse," explains the band's sardonic, quick-witted frontman Lou Hill. "The first album was just the songs that we would play live, we wrote it really quickly. But this one took ages..." Five years in fact. Recorded by the four-piece in the same self-built Manor House studio where they made their 2011 debut 'Until Spring', 'Live Together, Eat Each Other' is a lusciously layered offering of hazy experimentalism and off-kilter alt-pop, that follows in the auspicious lineage of Beach House, Cocteau Twins and TV On The Radio. Inventive, imaginative songs anchored by comparatively straightforward vocal melodies from Lou, the album plugs into the frontman's return home to Enfield from east London, and to the themes of family, community and hope which are wrapped up in the dead-end push and pull of the suburbs. Wild Palms might have taken their time, but 'Live Together, Eat Each Other' was well worth the wait.

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