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India born, California raised folk fusion songstress, Zoya, has been praised by the likes of The Huffington Post, Wondering Sound, Rolling Stone India, and more for her innovative sound intertwining folk singer-songwriter music and the inescapable allure of the North Indian tradition through her entrancing vocal style, coupled with intense, stirring harmonies, and eclectic instrumentation. She received high acclaim on her first record, Letters To Toska, for it's experimental take on the DIY singer-songwriter genre. Her newest album The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room released July 2015 in support of her successfully funded Kickstarter.

As a Music Business graduate from world renowned Berklee College of Music, Zoya continues to act a a pioneer in the global music industry while following her true passion as a touring singer- songwriter. She has toured and opened for the likes of Kawehi, Storyman, Salman Rushdie, Ryan Scott, Raghu Dixit, Lucy Rose and more.

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