Nikhil D'Souza

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Accompanied by Zohran Miranda on guitar, Beven Fonseca on keys, Nathan Thomas on the bass and Aditya Ashok on the drums, singer and guitarist Nikhil D’Souza is one of country’s favorite songwriters. Reminding you of artists like Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, Nikhil’s music is made of eclectic acoustic-pop sounds, influenced by artists like Sting, Radiohead, and Damien Rice. During his early days, Nikhil was a part of the band Mr. John’s Banned, which went on to play at Independence Rock in 2000 and was quite popular within the Mumbai circuit at the time.Nikhil first solo performance was at the Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, in early November 2007, during the renownedThespo festival. He was also the South Asia Soloist Winner at SUTASI '09.

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