NLP For Excellence

November 9 | 9AM
Zorba The Buddha
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Thousand Thoughts feels glad to team up with SK Consultancy and announce one of the most worthwhile and valuable program – NLP for Excellence, a 2 days transformational workshop built on employing the applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)- a non-invasive, medicine free therapy that helps the person discover new ways of dealing with emotional issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns and many more.


is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

NLP is a study of how one can use language to map the connections between internal experience and external behaviour. People describe NLP in different ways; a study of excellence, a model of human communication and behaviour or a toolkit for personal change are ones you may have heard.

NLP is a way to develop physical strategies that combine aspects of behavioral psychology, linguistics, hypnosis, modelling and common sense.

The basic model of NLP is to model, that is, to do as other successful people do. NLP helps you achieve excellence by modeling how others have achieved excellence. If you want to become the best golfer in the world, NLP can help you do that. If you want to be the highest-paid sales person, NLP can help you do that. NLP can do that, because there are people who have already achieved the feather of things you want to achieve.

NLP unlocks THEIR secrets to unlock YOUR potential.

The 2 days intensive experiential program covers the following topics:

1. Introduction & history of NLP

2. Beliefs

-The placebo within you

-Your personality creates your personal reality

-7 beliefs of success

3. Goals

-Create a compelling future

-Live your future

-Wheel of life

4. Effective Communication Skills

-How information is received and processed

-How we Delete, Distort and Generalize

5. Power of Language

-Transformational Vocabulary

-Mind, Body & Linguistics

-Reframe success

6. Focus

-Direct your focus

-Gratitude Meditation

-Movie Music

7. Motivation

-Identify motivation strategies

-Pain Vs Pleasure

-Motivation Switch

8. States

-Empowering states vs Paralyzing states

-Components of state

-Scratch Pattern

-Confidence Booster

9. Physiology

-Learn physiological manipulation.

-Power of act “As if”

-Zoom Effect

10. Emotions

-Emotional Intelligence

-Responding criticism

11. Values

-Value hierarchies

-Towards vs Away values

This is a strategically designed Certification Program through which one can learn and apply NLP Tools & Techniques in various fields of life. This allows you to practice and use NLP in your routine life, counselling therapies, and even in your training programs.

What will you learn?

o The secret of how to instantly feel happy, excited, motivated, energized.

o The Physiology and Psychology of excellence.

o The power of language in influencing the thoughts and actions of self and others.

o How to deal with distractions that obstruct the performance.

o The power of effective questioning.

o The Psychology of Leadership – how understanding peoples mental processes can help you achieve outstanding results.

o Managing your hot buttons – understanding, managing and controlling your emotional responses and managing those of others.

o The miracles of consistent focus.

o Learn to set and achieve compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes.

o Discover techniques to self-lead, be resourceful and manage yourself better.

o Discover how high achievers attain excellence and how to replicate their success.

o Beliefs of excellence that will change the way you experience and interact with those around you.



Founder and CEO - SK Consultancy

Suren Kolkankar, Founder and CEO of SK Consultancy is a Motivational Speaker, Life coach, Psychotherapist and an Internationally Certified Master Practitioner and a Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic Programming. As a Speaker, Suren is truly a gifted motivator and is known for his ability to inspire, empower and amaze his audience. He has trained more than 10,000 people in the field of personal & Professional development.


Founder- Thousand Thoughts

A Certified Strategist from DMS (IIT-Delhi) and a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer from American Board of NLP. He also has received and attended various behavioral training across the world from some of the top trainers including but not limited to Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Mahatria Ra to name a few.


The Inspirer- Thousand Thoughts

An Unencumbered Soul with rooted background in Human Resource and Life Skill Development.

Certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, she has an objective of transforming lives through life skills training, Inner Child Healing and self-healing sessions.

An adventurous traveler with a thirst to explore life outside the 4 walls. Devotedly managing organization and execution of soul- rejuvenation events at a global level.


Note:-Early bird Discount till 10th October- Rs. 12,000 (Inclusive of taxes).

Program fee includes Lunch, 2 Tea and Study Material

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to each participant.

You learn through a mix of 30% theory and 70% hands-on application of tools & techniques.


Allow yourself to lead a life beyond limitations and full of possibilities. ♥


Zorba The Buddha

7, Tropical Drive, Mehrauli Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!