Obsessions. A magic special by Saigopal

May 25 | 9PM
The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
249 - 299
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We all have been obsessed with something at some point in our lives. In this one hour special, Sai shares what he was obsessed with and how some decisions changed his life. You, as an audience member will be an active and important part in recreating Sai's memories and maybe you could enact your own too. All this, with tons of magic tricks and a whole lot of fun!

About the Artist

Sai is quite the prodigy. At the age of 4, he was solving jigsaws and puzzles meant for 10 year old. By the age of 8 he had already begun performing magic. His fascinating with the human mind and how it works has led him to a Masters in Psychology. His hobbies include solving the Rubik's cube, playing the ukulele, making origami animals, cardistry, etc. He has learnt to solve the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 Rubik's cube. In fact he can solve the standard one, the 3x3 cube in under 30 seconds. He is currently entered into the Limca Book of Records for the Longest Continuous Magic Performance which stands at 30 hours. He has now set his sights on setting a Guinness World Record.


The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai

5AA, Pali Hill Road, Next to Candies, Bandra West, Mumbai, India 400050

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!