Octapad Workshop

July 20 - September 15 | 5PM
SoulFul Musik Academy
4000 - 17500


Let's catch the grooves of music in your day to day monotonous life.

Find with us the range of musical instruments starting from vocals to music production and sound engineering , etc.

This is one stop solution for all the people interested in learning any instrument.

The fees quoted are for any one instrument depending on number of times you visit in a week.

Please contact us before booking for any instrument.

For once a week - Wednesday

For twice a week - Wednesday and Friday

For thrice a week - Monday , Wednesday and Friday

For four times a week - Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday

For five times a week - Monday to Friday

For Six Times a week - Monday to Saturday

Please contact if you wish to join Intermediate or Advance level as the below prices are for Primary Level.


Offer Details

Buy a ticket & get ₹200 off. Use code: WORKSHOP200 (T&C apply)


SoulFul Musik Academy

501, D Definity, Road Number 1, Jay Prakash Nagar, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

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