Artists and event organisers across the globe are now embracing the digital event experience. Paytm Insider has been at the forefront of this change, paving the way for digital entertainment in India.

After having listed and hosted over 5000+ digital events in the last 3 months, we have done all the legwork on your behalf to put together some first-hand insights and tips on digital events. Craft memorable event experiences for your fans using these guides we have curated for you.


Guides to help you create the best represented version of your digital event.

Digital Events - Setup and Hosting Guide

Here is a detailed walkthrough to help you create your first digital event. Learn about all the possible customisations on your event page. This guide also covers how to go about hosting the event on Zoom via our platform.

Setting up Multiple Slots and Sessions

Want to give your audience the option to choose between dates? Or, in case you are running a workshop or class, how about splitting the program to multiple sessions over days or weeks, accessible via a single ticket? All this is possible with our publish tool! Learn more.

Best practices for your Event Page

While a basic event page does the job, enhancing it to bring out its core essence and value proposition goes a long way in improving customer opinions and brand affinity, eventually leading to higher sales. Read on to know more about evolving your event page into the best version of itself.

Communicating with your Audience

Here's a best practices guide on sending communications to your ticket buyers. How do you give them timely updates and tips and ensure they know someone is looking out for them, without sounding like their mother, an annoying spammer or a clingy ex? Find out here!


Tips and tricks on hosting for your D-day!

Best Practices for Artists & Creators

This article is your event's Assistant Director, DOP, Sound Dada, Spot Boy rolled into one. Enough said.

Audio Enhancement Guide

Does your event involve musical performances or rely on enhancing the customer experience via sound and audio emphasis? If yes, then this guide is for you. Explore the various audio supplements that can be integrated in a Zoom session.


Useful information for your event attendees for you to pass on.

Joining a Digital Event

Here's a detailed guide on how to join a Paytm Insider digital event via Zoom. Share it with your attendees in advance for a smooth and seamless event experience.

We're evolving!

Like any other good technology, our Digital Events platform is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest demands and market trends. We are adding new features and functionalities almost every week. Keep an eye out here for new posts and feature guides.

Last but not the least, join our Organiser Community for latest updates and info. We are there 24x7 to guide you personally through your journey.

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