Online Market Place Selling Training

Online Market Place Selling Training


July 25 | 10AM


1770 onwards


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience

About the Event

As the global markets shrink down to customer finger tips with the distance of a simple click, online markets offer the best platform to project ones products, with wide outreach at a reasonable cost.

And hence, if you run a manufacturing business or a retail business that needs massive expansion, you cannot ignore online selling platforms available today. No matter if you are into retail, distribution, or manufacturing of products, your products need to go up and live on big marketplaces like Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, etc to justify your efforts with decent returns!

Thus, we come up with this course to help you go through the step-by-step process right from making your products live on the desired platform till the application of marketing techniques for best leverage!

Topics Covered:

  1. Registering on Marketplaces and Documentation Training
  2. Creating and uploading Product Catalogue
  3. Curating product description and submitting for review
  4. Working on SEO for the marketplace
  5. Best practices and operations for effective quality control

Standard Course Duration: 1 Month


1) This will be an online training using screen-sharing.

2) This training module can also be customized to cover up your specific industry requirements.

3) This training can be taken up on a 1-2-1 basis as well as for a team

4) Upon confirmation, you will be connected to the trainer/course analyst for a technical call for a deep understanding of your training, and customization needs.

5) The date and timing for each session will be flexibly decided as per the mutual understanding between the attendees and the trainer and coordinated by our team.

Add-Ons Post Training:

1) Post-Training Support

2) Certification Advisory

3) Business Networking Support

4) Skill Validation Report signed by Industry Expert

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1770 onwards