Online workshop: Microgreen growing

May 24 | 3PM - June 27 | 4PM
Watch on Skype
550 onwards


Stop the spread of COVID-19 by following "STAY AT HOME" and support your government and country by fighting back!                                               

Cultivate green hobbies like learning to grow your fresh microgreens- the quickest super food one can grow in the lockdown by using all the items available at home

About the online workshop:

Learn to grow fresh organic microgreens like baby spinach, baby methi, mustard and likes at home. Microgreens are the easiest to grow and are ready to harvest in less than 15days. Ideal for beginners and city homes which have less space and sunlight.

This online workshop is conducted by our Founder Ms Smita Shirodkar.

Contents of the online workshop:

1. Intro to sprouts and microgreens

2. Nutritional benefits

3. Seed selection

4. How to grow?

5. Trouble shooting 

6. Recipes

Fees for the online workshop: 550/-per person

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