Online workshop: Organic kitchen gardening

May 22 | 3PM - June 28 | 4PM
Watch on Skype
550 onwards


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About the online workshop:

This online workshop is ideal for beginners wanting to learn how to grow their own fresh vegetables in their window grills, balconies or terraces, organically. Groups of vegetables like leafy vegetables, root crops, creepers and bush vegetables covered. Ideal for homes with windows/balconies/terraces receiving 3-4 hrs of sunlight.

Online workshop contents:

1. Understanding Sunlight and seasons

2. Choosing the right vegetables

3. All about soil, pots and manure

4. Seed Sowing, transplanting and care.

5. Trouble shooting

Video Demonstrations:

Seed sowing

Fees for the online workshop: Rs.550/- 

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