Organic Kitchen Gardening Workshop by Urban Firefly

March 19 | 11AM - 2PM

Vrindavan Cafe, Dosti Club House, Dosti Acres Wadala (E)


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


Learn how to grow your own chemical-free kitchen vegetables - in easy steps.
Also, learn how to HOME-COMPOST - make fertiliser from your kitchen waste!

You will learn:
1) Which vegetable you should be eating in which season!
2) How much sunlight is required for different plants
3) Making your own perfect soil mix (no dependence on Maali)
4) Natural Pest remedies
5) Hands-on practices on soaking, Seed sowing and Home composting

They are a one-stop-shop for all the gardening solutions you were looking for.

Founded by Suman Chhabria - Addepalli, they're a group of garden enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the magic of the forests into your balcony/terrace/window grills and sills!

With almost no space left in Mumbai, they thought - why not sway our green wand and bring a garden alive in that skyscraper where you own that piece of heaven?


Vrindavan Cafe, Dosti Club House, Dosti Acres Wadala (E)

1st floor Vrindavan Cafe, Dosti Club House Dosti Acres Wadala (E) - Mumbai 400037

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