The royal way of celebrating Navratri!

Witness enthralling music performances, non-stop Garba, and energy levels that go off the roof - because that’s how Navratri is celebrated every year in Vadodara!

Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gurajat is globally known for its love for traditional Garba. With an unmatched level of admiration and enthusiasm for the festival, the whole city looks forward to being a part of the celebrations.

This Navratri, enjoy Palace Heritage Garba: a 9-day long festival specially planned for the Garba lover in you. Be a part of this top-class Garba party promoted by the Royal Family of Gaekwad (from Vadodara) and The Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya.

In honour of the long legacy of philanthropy by the Gaekwads, this event aims to generate funds and awareness for social and charitable causes. All the proceeds from Palace Heritage Garba will be donated to the aim of supporting women and girl child causes in society.

A musical treat you shouldn’t miss

Internationally acclaimed classical and traditional Gujarati singers, Sachin Limaye and Ashita Limaye, along with their troupe, are here to send you in a trance with their soulful voice. Get enchanted by their unique Baroda style Sugam sangeet throughout the 9 days of Navratri. Seema Patel and Himanshu Makwana bring a robust folk flavour with their strong voices while new singers Parth Doshi and Kavya Limaye will add a contemporary touch to the performances. Maharani Radhika Raje will lend her voice to sing a few classic Garba songs for the audience.

Invite your friends and family to this joyous event and embrace the magic of Garba!

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