Pann Mee Kay Mhanto - Homegrown Marathi StandUp Comedy

November 24 | 6:30PM
BMM Studio
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5 sons of the soil ready their best jokes to make you laugh till it hurts… and then hurts some more.

Hosted by Samrat Gaikwad and featuring performances by Anish Goregaonkar, Prasad Mathkar, Aditya Sawant and Chirag Satam, this is one all-marathi line-up you don’t want to miss!

About the artists:

Samrat Gaikwad is product of two smart parents is so dumb that they have started doubting each other, this Engineer turned MBA turned job-goer is killing in life, if killing means renting a house 20km away from Mumbai and going to a job that makes no difference to anyone's life. 

Prasad Mathkar has what you might call a love-hate relationship (more hate than love) with, well everything. Photographer by day, filmmaker by night and stand-up comedian by midnight, he has travelled far and wide in search of two things; cold weather and few people. Having clearly failed in that mission, he now uses Stand-up comedy to distract and bring laughter... the audience is distracted and he's laughing.

Anish Goregaonkar is an emerging comic from Mumbai. He is the 3rd best comic in his family of 4 people. He claims to be the Best Comic of Malad West but those claims are yet to be tested. He has won Stand-up Comedy Competitions at several college events, he has won Laughing Coconut Twice and has performed at various venues including Canvas Laugh Club and The Habitat. He talks about his terrible life problems which will definitely make you feel good about your Life.

Aditya Sawant 

You will see him on-stage once he is done with his 9 to 5 job.He is the funniest person, atleast this is what his boss says after evaluating his work.

A stand up comedian trying to maintain a balance between work and life, who can definately tickle your funny bone.His performance consists of bizarre experiences and rants about everything that exists on this planet. He can get you distracted from your daily problems in the same way he is distracted from his job.

Chirag Satam 

Aspiring Stand up Comedian.

His jokes are pretty clean. Can't say the same about his house though😜I totally believe in 'haath ka mail hota hai paisa', especially when it's not his money. His mom once told him to “always believe in what you do” but when he followed that it somehow turned out to be funny so believe in him and you might end up with something funny.


BMM Studio

104, Kasturiprem Building, Behind Venkatesh petrol pump, kalyan shil road, dombivli East


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!