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December 1 | 10AM
Wealth Cafe Financial Advisors Private Limited
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Many of you guys are investing your money regularly, you probably have a financial plan in place and are investing your money for your goals. But what next? Do you know how to select the right Mutual Fund Scheme which is right for your goals? or you are just checking on google - ‘Top 10 Mutual Fund schemes to Invest in 2019’

Personal Finance is very unique to each individual and one must make a plan based on their requirements and risk profile. There is no BEST Mutual Fund/Share for all, there is a RIGHT investment for you.

Lack of awareness and right knowledge leads to many errors with your investments which does not give you the expected RIGHT returns.

- You sell too soon or you sell too early

- You invest after the particular investment has already delivered the returns.

- You keep checking parameters which may not have any impact on your investments.

- You are not confident about investing your money at all in anything apart from Fixed Deposits.

To help you overcome these problems and much more, to learn about the details of investing in MUTUAL FUNDS, REAL ESTATE, EQUITY AND much more, we have introduced our EXCLUSIVE - FULL DAY WORKSHOP.

Your learnings from this Workshop

You will understand about all kinds of Investment products including Mutual Funds

You will be able to invest on your own in Mutual Funds.

You will learn how to plan to buy your dream home.

You will learn when to buy and sell to make the most of your products.

You will learn about the basics of investing in Direct Equity

You will be able to DESIGN YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO!!.


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!