Piprahwa & Ganwaria (Kapilavastu), Piprahawa

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Piprahwa & Ganwaria
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Piprahwa and Ganwaria are a part of the ancient city of Kapilavastu, thought to be the birthplace of the Buddha. Piprahwa is also where one of the eight stupas constructed over the remains of Lord Buddha is, and one of the earliest relic caskets found. Ganwaria on the other hand was the site of a Buddhist settlement.

Things to see

  • The red brick monastery at Piprahwa, which you’ll find to be quite blissful
  • The museum at Piprahwa and Ganwaria houses fascinating relics!

How to get there?

  • The nearest bus stop is Birdpur.
  • Folks travelling by train should get off at Naugarh Railway Station.
  • For air travel, the nearest airport is Gorakhpur Airport.


Piprahwa & Ganwaria

Piprahwa & Ganwaria (Kapilavastu), Piprahawa, Piprahawa, Piprahawa, Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh, 272202


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