Play For A Cause- Tambola Night

Play For A Cause- Tambola Night


May 31 | 9PM

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Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience

About the Event

Cause Behind Play For A Cause:

‘Play For A Cause’ is an initiative by Aatma Tatva Research Centre, a NGO, hosting Tambola/ Housie games to entertain you and your family with all the proceeds going towards helping all the daily wage workers affected by the Covid-19 lockdown in Maharashtra.

How does it work?

1.      Download the Telegram App, available on Android and IOS. This is the platform where the game will be played.

2.      Join our Telegram channel- the link will be provided to you immediately on registration

3.      We will add you to the group where the game will be played and share your ticket document with you- You can find your ticket there. Instructions will be shared.

4.      You can note down your ticket on a piece of paper for the ease of striking off or use the digital copy as is- whatever seems convenient.

5.      The group will be open 30 minutes before the game time for you to clear your doubts

6.      Please be ready at least 10-15 minutes prior to the time mentioned so that you don’t miss the beginning. We will start on time.

7.      As the game starts, the host will start announcing numbers generated through a Tambola app. The numbers will be announced at a regular interval of 10 seconds.

8.      Organisers won’t be responsible for any app crash or internet connections on the client’s end.

How to Claim A Prize?

1.      5 minutes before the game, the host will announce the prizes. The prize amount will depend on participation.

2.      Call for your claim/ prize by typing ‘DONE’ and sharing your ticket picture on the group. The moderator will check the ticket and announce the result if it is correct or not.

3.      The admin’s call is final in case of discrepancies.

4.      To get your prize, get in touch with the admins through the instructions provided at the end of the game.


1.      Where does the money go?

All the money raised will be used to provide a month’s groceries to families who have lost their livelihood due to the covid-19 disaster in the Sudhagadh district of Maharashtra.

2.      What is the age limit?

There is no age limit. Anyone and everyone is welcome to play!

3.      How long will the event be?

About 45-50 minutes.

4.      Can I claim more than one prize?

Yes, 1 ticket- Multiple prizes

And you can buy more than 1 ticket too- Many tickets=More luck!

5.      Are there any prizes?

Yes- Depending on the participation, the claims and claim amount will be announced at the beginning of the game.

6.      What happens if two people claim at the same time?

Prizes on sharing basis- if 2 or more people claim on the same movie, the prize gets divided

7.      What is the claim money?

5 minutes before the game the host will announce the prize money which depends on the number of participants.

For any other queries, please contact Anjal Jain: 9892936357 or Achira Mehta: 7738602333

Terms & Conditions


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!