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Popular events on insider
Ultimate Ears Presents Roane Acey live
October 7 | 8:30PM
Hard Rock Cafe, Bengaluru
Ratatouille presents The Etceteras Mumbai Darshan
December 20 | 8:30PM
Jeff Goldberg Studio, Bandra(w)
The Spray Paint Art Basic Workshop
November 28 | 10:30AM
Studio Blocks, Mumbai
Painting Bar-athon #7
November 5 | 3PM
Zu Tisch, Delhi
Mindfulness Meditation level 1
September 25 | 10 AM
The HIVE, Mumbai
October 10 | 5PM
Maya Institute of Technology, Dehradun
Laser Cutter Tool Training
May 13 | 5PM
Maker's Asylum, Mumbai
Pokewalk | Delhi
July 24 | 5PM
Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Fiercely Independent: How Progressive Fathers Shape a Daughter’s Future.
October 28 | 6PM
Good Earth, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Dybbuk 13
January 22 | 8:30PM
The HIVE, Mumbai
The Food and Doodle Trail
August 6 | 4:30PM
Asian Paints Colour Store, Mumbai
Juicebox Music Showcase with Praveen Achary, Greg Tomaz & Aman Anand
May 28 | 8PM
blueFROG, Bangalore
Awestrung featuring Lucky Ali
March 25 | 7PM
Courtyard, High Street Phoenix, Mumbai
अनहद / Unstruck: A Walkthrough with Subodh Gupta and Germano Celant
December 10 | 5PM - 6:30PM
Studio 9 | Famous Studios
FLYP@MTV Presents Rocknaama
June 26 | 8PM
Makers Asylum: Delhi Launch
June 20 | 4PM
Makers Asylum, Delhi
The Humming Tree presents: Beat Desk Workshop + Frame/Frame, Sandunes & Soulspace Live Sets
July 23 | 9PM
The Humming Tree, Bangalore
Too Cuckoo Vol. 2 : A Panel of Epic Misproportions
September 1 | 8.30PM
The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
One Man Breaking Bad
January 31 | 10:30PM
Canvas Laugh Club
Khana and Batiyana
September 24 | 8PM
Home Cafe, Bandra, Mumbai
We All Live in Bhopal: A Theatrical Reading
February 28 | 5PM
The Humming Tree, Bangalore
Night Trek to Kalavantin Durg
June 4 | 11 PM
Kalavantin Durg, Matheran
Gift a Thousand Lights - Block Printing Workshop for Children
December 5 | 1:30PM
Chattisgarh Emporium
MASH Mixer
April 23 | 5PM
Aura Business Centre